Small bedrooms can be tricky to navigate when designing the perfect space. The fundaments of storage and a bed will always be the priority, leaving any last stylistic bits on the back burner… Not to mention the fear of overcrowding the room often leads to any decorative elements being avoided completely. Below are three easy tips to help bring your personal touch to a small bedroom.

The Bed

With space at a premium, it is important to utilise the furniture in the room, and the bed is a great place to start. An easy place to start is a throw – look for one which is colourfully embroidered, or with a graphic pattern to instantly introduce interest into the room. Elevate the set up further with layered cushions of different sizes and patterns.

The Headboard

If most wall space is being used by storage, the headboard is the perfect opportunity to bring in some geometry on the walls. There are thousands of options – from chevron timber, to abstract shapes – so you will be sure to find something in the form and material which suits your style and space.

Go Dark

It may not seem obvious but painting small spaces dark can make them feel larger than they are. Charcoal greys, deep teals and rich burgundies are perfect shades to start with, and easy colours to translate into soft furnishings, which would help to strengthen the monochromatic look.


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