How to Restore Your Garden to Its Former Glory

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With Spring gently approaching, we find ourselves beginning to spend more time outdoors again and before we know it, it’ll be time for barbecues and paddling pools. Chances are that the garden furniture has been left outside braving the elements all winter, so here are some tips which can help to revive the pieces and avoid the need to buy new ones – a great solution for both the planet and your wallet.

Wrought-iron garden furniture is great as it is hand wearing, and generally quite weather resistant. However, over time you may begin to notice some rusting or peeling paint. Simply start by sanding down the rust with a wire brush, and then the piece is ready to have the paint chips scraped off, or for paint stripper to be applied. Looking ahead, a quick coat of metal lacquer will help to protect the item from further weathering, and this can be following by a fresh lick of paint if desired.

Wooden furniture shows the effects of weather a little more easily. Start by erasing the marks of winter months by simply scrubbing off the dirt, dust and moss with a brush, then lightly sand the timber ensuring all strokes are in the direction of the grain. Finish off by breathing new life into the wood condition with some wood oil – apply as many coats as you would like to achieve to look which works for you.

Lastly, Rattan furniture is quick and easy to spruce back up. Use a soft brush to dust off any grime and debris, and follow this up by gently cleaning it with some soapy water. If the items are exceptionally dirty, consider using a pressure washer. To give it a slight shine, gently rub some olive oil over the surface with a soft cloth.

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