make outdoor living a part of your lifestyle

With the right considerations, you can create outdoor spaces that are a versatile extension of your home.

Whether it’s space for your family, for entertaining or for your own private retreat, creating functional outdoor areas adds space, enjoyment and value to your home. Too often we see exterior planning overlooked in the design process, however some early considerations to your exterior spaces can completely enhance their functionality and indoor-outdoor cohesion with your home.

From big-picture spatial planning, down to the finishing touches, we help you make the decisions that will make all the difference to your outdoor living area. Colours, joinery, paving, lighting, seating and furniture selection all add to the overall allure and atmosphere you want to create. We also work alongside landscapers and gardeners who can help bring your outdoor oasis to life.

Our exterior design services can include:

  • Project management
  • Spatial planning
  • Exterior styling
  • Furniture and garden accessories sourcing
  • Lighting
Interior & Exterior Design – Pukekohe, Franklin, Auckland

Create harmonious, functional spaces so you can embrace the outdoor lifestyle us Kiwis love.

Picturebook Exterior Design | Pukekohe, Franklin
Picturebook Exterior Design | Pukekohe, Franklin

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