New Colour Combos

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It is no secret that at Picturebook we love to play with colour, and are therefore always on the eye out for new colour inspiration. Below are a few exciting new colour combinations which we cannot wait to try…

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Pink / Orange / Red

Having dominated the fashion industry, this invigorating colour clash is finally making its way into the built environment. Each brighter than the other, the colours bounce off one another, creating a dynamic and energetic palette. To create a stronger foreground to background relationship, play with the brightness and subtlety of tones – try layering neon pink, dark burgundy and mid-toned orange, and vice versa.

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Blue / Peach

Perhaps initially reminiscent of this year’s England women’s football world cup kit; cobalt blue and putty peach make an interesting colour scheme. Both colours together neither quite clash, nor are tonal, but yet it seems to work. Is it because this duo is more unconventional than the cobalt and orange combination, or is it simply the refreshing excitement of having this long overlooked peach shade back in the limelight? Whatever, the answer… we love this palette!

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Turquoise / Orange

Here is a new age answer to the previously mentioned cobalt and orange. A simple switch to a greener tone, and brighter orange has created a much softer look. Keep the turquoise as the base colour, and apply the orange in small accents to ensure it pops. Consider the use of sleek reflective materials such as metals (think of how great a patina would look), and glossy ceramics, to encourage the colours to pop even more. 

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Neon Yellow / Grey

This combination popped up onto our radar when grey and yellow were introduced by Pantone as their colour(s) of the year for 2021, and has evolved into an electrifying and exciting new duo. Capturing attention in the realms of graphic design, advertising and fashion, we are pleased to see it making its way into interiors. The neon yellow needs only to be used scarcely, but has a big impact and breathes life into any monochromatic space.


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