Stress-free festive decorating

rustic christmas ornaments

The festive period is designed for us to spend quality time with friends and loved ones, so we are often on the look out for easy recipes, or dishes which can be prepared in advance – leaving space for us to socialise. However, one overlooked but time consuming festive tradition is Christmas decorations… Choosing which ones to purchase, untangling items from last year, or assembling a display, can often create more stress than joy. So why not keep it simple this year with two easy steps:

  1. Fairy Lights

The humble string of lights have the power to transform any space into a cozy haven of holiday cheer. With just a few minutes of draping over furniture, wrapping around banisters, or hanging on walls, you have an ambient atmosphere… The epitome of minimal effort, maximum impact!

2. Picturebook Tree Decorating Service 

Close your eyes and picture the dream Christmas you have always wanted… That can be made into a reality with our Christmas tree decorating service. All we need is an idea of colour schemes, topper preferences, and a few design details, and the team will be ready to give your home the final magical finishing touch of the perfect tree.


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