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You may have read our December newsletter where we gave a little taster of some amazing activities which help you to both relax, and achieve productive Christmas prep tasks at the same time. Before we continue the list, here is a quick refresh from the newsletter…

The Christmas rush has well and truly began, which is why it is more important than ever to take time to look after yourself. Grab a spiced drink (chai tea or mulled wine, either would work) and read through the following activities which are simultaneously relaxing for you, and productive towards the festivities prep!


Pop on some tracks, and tune out from the world for half an hour whilst whipping up something for all to enjoy. Not only can baking be incredibly therapeutic, the end result is sure to be a bit hit with all friends and family… Need some inspiration? Why not give our Christmas Hazelnut Biscuits from the newsletter a try!

Baking Jars

If you do not find baking therapeutic, maybe pouring the ingredients decoratively into a jar will be a better option. Although it may seem monotonous, the simplicity of the task is great for relaxation and mindfulness, not to mention they make great gifts! Stick on a handwritten label, and tie a checked or tartan ribbon around the lid, and it is the perfect personal touch – not to mention an incredibly cost effective gift.

DIY Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

Crafting is always a great way to unwind, particularly when it involves making Christmas cards, as it helps to tick something off that long to do list! Source any forms of media which you can find –  calligraphy pens, coloured felt tips, stamps, stencils, glitter… They will all be great for getting creative and let your mind relax as you create your little pieces of art. 

Wreath Making

Invite some friends over, pop open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the company of your close ones who – due to the busyness leading up to Christmas – you may not necessarily be able to see around the big day. Homemade wreaths are simple to configure and the personalisation options are vast… Think cinnamon sticks, cloves, acorns, dried orange slices, eucalyptus… The choices really are endless, and the final product is guaranteed to be a beautiful addition to the festive decor.


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