Heavenly Headboards

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Inspired by the feature in August’s newsletter on bespoke headboards, we have taken it one step further to introduce some ideas to help you have an unique design which speaks to your style and personality.

Wallpaper / upholstery relationship

Upholstered headboards are a great opportunity to pattern match (or clash) in the room. Traditionally, the same fabric would be used for the headboard, curtains, chairs and cushions, to create an intentional pattern statement. However, why not look at implying the pattern instead… Use your chosen wallpaper or fabric pattern to inform the other. For instance, in the pink bedroom above, both patterns are based around the notion of vertical stripes – creating a considered yet punchy relationship between to two features.

wall cladding

Wall cladding

Not for the faint hearted, this option requires a little more dedication to the design by using bespoke joinery on the wall space below the dado rail. Speak to your local carpenter to discuss ideas, but we love the leather upholstered scalloped look. It exudes luxury and opulence – communicating that you prioritise and invest into your wellbeing and sleep. If a built-in design is not an option due to being in a rented property, or because a permanent solution is perhaps too much commitment, fear not as there are also bed frames on the market which mimic this effect.


What is a headboard if not a focal point in the bedroom? … Almost like a piece of art. So why not turn the concept on its head as use art as a headboard! Although it would technically not be a headboard, utilising a large scale piece of art at the head of the bed is an incredibly unique way to draw the eye and create the all important focal point. And the uniqueness of this idea means you can sleep soundly at night knowing it is a one of a kind design. 

One crucial note however: Ensure the piece is hung low enough so the bottom of the canvas is concealed by the pillows, or even the mattress. And of course, the work must be securely attached to the wall.



Rounding off the list of inspirations, we have one final ‘wow’ piece – what we like to call The Wingspan Bed. These headboards expand beyond the frame from the mattress, and elegantly curve round as if they were giving you a gentle embrace. The comforting, cocooning effect of this frame is almost guaranteed to give you the best night sleep. 

The beauty of this design is also the curse, as these bed frames are significantly lager than a typical bed, and therefore tend to be more suitable for very large spaces. However, choosing a small bedside table which fits between the mattress and edge of the headboard may help to make it a little more space efficient.


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